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Hello and thanks for visiting this free list of Micro Jobs Databases. After being banned several times from a major $5.50 website, I began researching for alternatives. I’ve purchased micro jobs website lists, and discovered those sites come and go rapidly. I’ve even been robbed of $149 when purchasing  from scriptolution.com   Many of those micro job website scripts are available free of charge online, especially when you just take your time to locate them.

I’m sure you’ve realized as I have, that one can indeed earn money online automatically via micro jobs, and with not much effort IF managed correctly.  Obviously as a site owner, you’ll need traffic and customers. Joining this free list of Micro Jobs Databases will bring you both, so share your data now. As you scroll to view all 23 columns, you will notice column 23 provides the opportunity to further distinguish your site. 

 This free list of micro job databases website project is under -construction and requests your assistance.  Submit minor design ideas, links to plugins, new feature requests and notify me that you can do this or that to make this website better for all concerned.  Social media sharing is encouraged, along with links to your websites.  If you have graphics and banners useful to draw more attention to this project I will make them available for free downloading by everyone willing to help promote these free lists of micro job databases. 



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